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is a storyteller. He uses photography to tell stories that are filtered through his distinctive view on life. Pasi's photographs show world that is full of humor, joy and feelings. Instead of editing his photographs Orrensalo lets the story take the center stage. As the projects are shut during long period of time the stories grow and the plots diversify. As all good storytellers Orrensalo also feels that the most important objective of his work is to raise people's feelings and emotions. Life is full of passion and humor – when viewed from the right angle.


Life Behind the Waste

Our journey on this planet is relatively a short one. Our consumption habits do leave a sad print of the path that is hopelessly visible in piles of waste found on scrapyards. For me those piles aren't merely an incarnation of reckless consumption – they are traces of our life stories. 

Items have been used by people of all ages, races and social classes. The waste has their fingerprints, hair and fragrances. The goods have been used in play, at work, on vacations, with breakfast and lunch, awake and at sleep. The abandoned items have been involved in sorrow and joy, inside and outside, on the roads, yards, fields and in the homes. The scrap has been involved in people's life and death. Photographing the items in movement when they are flying across the sky gives the stories the attention they deserve. 

The most fascinating and comforting aspect of gazing the scrap is that while seeing the history at the same time we are watching at the future. The stories do not end at scrap yard. The place is just one turning point of the plots. One family's travel memories in form of an abandoned car will be raw material for a new one. The story continues, grows and multiplies. Like us living things the items that we use are composed of generations and countless of stories and fates. And every story is unique and precious and is deserves to be heard. 




Pasi Orrensalo
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